The Áshrama

Áshrama Tavira – Yoga Center belongs to the Portuguese Yoga Confederation – World Yoga Specialists.

We started in 2013 located in Conceição de Tavira however, in 2015 we moved to our current address in the Center of Tavira.

This Áshrama exists first of all to promote and spread the Traditional Yoga of India.

We also intend to have a positive impact on the environment where we are inserted. We believe that change begins in each of us and that all together we can create a better future, in harmony with Mahá Shakti – Great Mother Nature, respecting, protecting and preserving our Planet, our Culture and Tradition.

The Director

The Director of Áshrama Tavira, Triveni (Andreia Santos), began the practice of Yoga in 2009 already in the Portuguese Yoga Confederation and in this same Institution began its training in 2011, following in continuous training. He is a Disciple of H.H Sat Guru Jí Amrita Súryánanda Mahá Rája, International Grand Master of Yoga.

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